Who we are
is a customer-oriented business service company in China and was established on October 2005. We offer all services in English, Chinese, French, Spanish and German. Our main office is in Guangzhou (Canton - 30 people).
Our goal: Make Asia easy for you
Our goal is to make Asia easy for you offering the best coverage of Asian markets.

Our mission is to supply the business service to small and medium-sized companies who want to build business relationships with Chinese companies but don't have the capability to setup a branch company in China or lack of communication skills with Chinese companies.

With the help of Doing business with Chinese companies will be as easy as doing business with your local companies. We will assist you in all your import and export decisions with Asian countries. Searching factories and products,translations and interpretations, quality control, shipments and customs clearing, planning your trip, etc...

Our advantages: Experience & Efficiency
We offer you a broad range of services that you might need in your import / export strategy, so you can concentrate on the most important issues of your business.
5 years experience in searching companies: We are very acquaint in home furniture and sofa, hotel, bar & restaurant furniture and kitchen products, lady bags and in construction material and machines.
Factory audit: Some of our customers have been duped in the past by non-scrupulous Chinese companies and individuals who pretended to own a factory. This is why has established a well-defined factory audit report that we apply to all your future partners before any transaction.
Quality control: we know what it costs you if you receive products damaged or with quality problems. This is why you need to rely on someone that you can trust. We truly believe that is that company.
5 years experience in consolidation of containers: As transport is expensive, we know that containers loads should be optimized. This is why we will always advise you on how to optimize your containers?space doing consolidation whenever possible.
Interpretation in Chinese, Cantonese and Mongolian: We deliver interpretation for our customers who need interpretation assistance when they go to visit a factory, fair or business meetings.
We speak fluent English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German..
Shipping and customs clearing: We offer very competitive prices in "door to door" service for both air & sea freights. Our strength comes from our people's efficiency and our strong experience in transshipments.
Planning your trip:In order to maximize your time we can arrange factory visits & meetings, prepare the visit to fairs, book hotel, plane & vehicles etc....
Make your own design: If you plan to produce your own design in Asia, we will search both the best production location and the most suitable factories for your products according to your schedule of conditions.
Print your marketing documents: Creating & printing your business cards, catalogs, advertising doc, etc...